After something like 2.75 years in Vietnam, I'm taking the low road back to civilisation.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lost time - setting the scene

Since my last post there have been several readjustments, and I would anticipate one more big one before too much longer. Now is a good time to backtrack and comment on some of the things which have happened in the last ~3 years, without doubt more than which happens to most people in their complete lifetime, certainly geographically. Thankfully not medically. Where I last left you, I was in mid-winter 2010/11. I don't think the decision to move to Costa Rica had yet been set in stone, but I certainly wasn't hanging around in Scotland much beyond that point. It should be noted that the obvious choice for me, Japan, was shelved yet again based on one or two factors, one of which did not include the Tohoku earthquake and resulting nuclear leak. Staying within the International House network, wanting somewhere tropical and Spanish speaking, the choice came down to Mexico or Costa Rica. IH Mexico's reputation reached nowhere near the level of IH Costa Rica, and the decision was pretty much made at interview. So after a month's layover in Central USA, a 2 week road trip in a little red convertible, some US sporting events, a bit of snowboarding, lots of frozen margaritas and craft beers, it was off to San Jose (Chepe).