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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

An idle kind of life

There are several very good reasons why a 29 year old man should not be living with his parents. It doesn't take very long for these to become obvious once more, having spent several years since my last prolonged stint with my folks.

One of these reasons is that in order to use the internet I have to lie on my front on the floor of their dining room. Combine it with the facts that it's such a pain in the arse to reconnect, I am not working, most of my friends have left Edinburgh or are actually working right now, my girlfriend is a million miles away, and as a result I am spending a worrying amount of time prostrate next to the dinner table in front of a computer screen.

At present, I am right in the middle of a little 4 week stint back at my parents flat, before I (and Hana, when she arrives) move into my brother's spare room for about 5 weeks. That gives us time to look for a 1 bedroom flat once the Edinburgh festival and Fringe have packed up and taken their ludicrously inflated flat rental prices (and our jobs) with them. Needless to say, our flat will have WiFi.

Price check one. Key cutting in Vietnam = 5-10,000 VND (20-40p) Same 2 minute operation in UK = £3.50. Before any Vietnamese key cutters out there reading this start packing their bags to start up a business in Edinburgh, be warned:
  1. It's pissing with rain.
  2. Cut one key for 10,000 and you can get your lunch. Cut one key for £3.50, and you're still about £7 short for your bowl of Pho.
  3. Nobody will understand your pronunciation. You won't understand anyone else's pronunciation. Neither of these will improve with time.
There is no Vietnamese community in Scotland. Maybe the food is too healthy. Take that out the equation and you're not gonna get Vinatown suddenly springing up somewhere just off the Dalkeith road. I've got kind of sidetracked here...

Anyhow, tomorrow morning I'm on a train to Slaley Hall, Hexham near Newcastle for the weekend to spend a few nights in my brother's timeshare lodge. Golf, gym and Wet 'n' Wild...

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