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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Most memorable moments from my time in Saigon.

If this list was about the most memorable moments from the last 3 years of my life, then a much smaller proportion of them would have been based on events that took place in HCMC. But this list is about expatriate life within the inner city. Each of my trips from Tan Son Nhat airport were eagerly anticipated and I was very much pre-genkified. So this top ten is based largely on nights out, football related stuff or total surprises. Evidently that's what a Saigon working week leaves you with.

Of course, some events weren't even up for publishing consideration due to the fact that this is an open blog and certain things are on a need to know basis. Just think Vietnamese rum, post Thailand stag do/pre Christmas blues, Lily bar, et al.

The list is not entirely made up of happy memories, but luckily, the bulk of my recollections are of the fond variety.

#10 Cat injuries

Each of my cats suffered their own trauma during the 2 years I lived with them. What exactly happened in each of these cases, I can never be sure.

Floyd (otherwise known as Big Benson, Wolf Doctor) committed genocide on the bat population that circled the roof of our house during a 2 or 3 month spell until either a) he got bored or b) he actually succeeded in wiping them out. This worried me slightly as Ryan and I had decided against the Rabies inoculation since we thought initially they were going to be largely housecats, until his faecal/urinary habits became intolerable and was banned to the roof at night. He then managed to clamber in through the gap at the top of the door and he was then entitled to come and go as he pleased.

One day, I came down the stairs to see this lovely picture.

Then feared the worst. As you would. He was promptly stuffed into a backpack (at this stage he had become too big for the Xbox 360 packaging) and driven the two minutes down to the vets, where he was injected with antibiotics and we were instructed to bring him back every evening for a week. The official verdict was he had eaten something he shouldn’t have.

Shitrock (otherwise known as Veronica, Neko, Snake) was assumed to have suffered a mysterious fall which resulted in a bloody nose/mouth and a severe limp for a period of two or three weeks. The neighbour next door had apparently been spotted swinging some kind of stick at her in the past, but this seemed to be as a result of a misjudged leap. Or was it a sympathy break after seeing me on crutches for so long?

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